Art Show Flyer

It's that time of the year again!! Art Show time!! (Virtual) 

March 18th through April 1st. 

Families can log onto access AND pay for their child's framed artwork. 

There are several "New" options this year (and ALL of this information will be on the Art Show website): 

* Families may pay online with a credit card using PayPal. 

*There is a $1 credit card processing fee and applicable tax. 

* If credit card payment is not the preferred method of payment, families may send in cash/checks (Please send to the office with the child's name and your name, too!! 

*There is a direct shipping option. For a flat fee of $10, they may have their child's (or children's, it's the same $10 price for more than one piece of art) art sent directly to them. 

*If they do not choose to pay for the direct option, artwork will come to Blackburn after Spring Break and Mrs. Harwood will distribute it asap! 

*Reproductions are available *If families cannot locate their child's art, please contact Mrs. Harwood.