1. Classroom Guidance is an opportunity for all students to learn important skills for living. These classes are incorporated into the C.A.M.P. rotation. This year, we will cover the following topics:

  • Bullying

  • Determination and Drug Awareness (October is Drug Awareness month all across the country).

  • Body Safety

  • Feelings and how to handle them.

  • Respect

  • Cooperation/Teamwork

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Follow Your Dreams

2. Small Groups: (space is limited)

– Lunch Bunch – For 5th grade students. Groups meet during lunchtime, so that minimal academic time is missed. There is no set curriculum, as this group is intended to build relationships and help the students with their particular concerns. General topics, such as social skills, friendship, and handling anger are discussed.

– Other groups will focus on a specific topic (such as family issues) and are needs-based.

– Students can be included in a group through by parent or teacher request, counselor recommendation, or by the student’s own request. Permission forms will be sent home so that parents can decide if they would like their child to participate in a group.

3. Individual counseling is available on a limited basis for students experiencing crisis and for evaluation. If needed, referrals to an outside agency may be recommended

4. For Parents

I am available to meet with you to discuss concerns about your student. Feel free to call or email to schedule an appointment.

Other Duties:

As your school counselor, I work closely with teachers, staff, and community agencies to determine and coordinate support that will allow our students to achieve their best each day. If you feel your child would benefit from additional help, I will try to help you locate beneficial resources within the community.

I also spend my day at school available to help in any way needed. In the morning, you will find me greeting students in the cafeteria, and in the afternoon, I will be helping student get safely on the buses to come home. Feel free to come by and say hello! You are also welcome to come by my office if you have concerns or questions.