Good afternoon, Blackburn families. This is Betsy Green, principal of BES. 

  • We are going to do 2 fundraisers this year, one for Dominoes Slice The Price Cards and our annual Boosterthon at the end of February. 

  • The Dominoes fundraiser starts today and will end on Tuesday, Feb 2. The fundraiser was supposed to start on Jan 6 and end Jan 20, so anywhere you see Jan 20 on what was sent home, now it should say Feb 2. 

  • Your student will be bringing home an order form and details about the fundraiser today. Even though we are sending home an order form, we encourage all of you to do this online and not go door to door. 

  • The slice the price card costs $10 and can be used until Dec. 31, 2021. Every time you order a large pizza between now and Dec 31, you get another large pizza for free. If you order 5 large pizzas, you will get 5 free large pizzas. This card will pay for itself after the first use. 

  • You can share the link or the QR code with relatives and friends through Facebook, other social media sites, through email or text. Dominoes will send the cards ordered online directly to the people that order the cards. 

  • There are different prizes for different sales levels and families will get a free card once your student sells 12 cards. The website has a link that shows all the Dominoes that accept the card and all the Dominoes around us do accept the card. 

  • The transcript of this all call will be on our website for you to refer back to.

  • Thank you for supporting BES.