• By making appropriate choices students will earn points that will not only determine their conduct grade for each grading period, but will also enable them to earn positive recognition each week and at the end of each semester.  All K-3 students will have the opportunity to earn points for choosing to follow the school rules and handling conflicts in a positive manner.  Each child may earn up to 10 points each week (2 points per day) for appropriate behavioral choices. To participate in the enrichment session each Friday, students must have a minimum of 7 points. No matter how many days are in the week, students cannot have more than 3 reds and still participate in enrichment. If a student loses 0-1 enrichment sessions, they will earn an S for satisfactory on their report card for the 9 weeks. Two missed enrichment sessions will earn them an N for needs improvement, and 3 or more missed enrichment sessions will result in a U for unsatisfactory.  If a child receives an office write up that results in ISS or OSS, they will automatically lose the enrichment session for that week. Two or more ISS referrals or 1 or more OSS referrals will also result in the loss of the Chief Award at the Chief Council Ceremony at the end of each semester, in January and May. Also, refer to the field trip policy to understand the role behavior plays in field trip attendance. A Chief Council Ceremony (CCC) will be held during K, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade CAMP time. Parents and family are welcome to attend and the CCC will be held in the gym.  All homeroom teachers will send home the Smoke Signal newsletter each week to keep parents updated on their child’s progress.  Please expect these reports each Monday and return them signed as quickly as possible.

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