New Tribal Code Plan


  • Students will begin each 9 weeks with 100 points. Points will be deducted for infractions listed in the chart below. At the end of each 4 or 5 day week, students will have the opportunity to go to enrichment sessions on Friday afternoons or to a club, if they belong to one. If they lose 10 or more points in a week, they will not be allowed to attend the enrichment session/club time.  They will sit out of the first lost enrichment session and they will go to study hall to complete teacher assigned work for all other lost enrichment sessions in a 9 week period. For students losing 25 or more points in a week, in addition to losing their enrichment session, a parent/teacher conference will be held and an office write up resulting in a day of ISS will be given. If a child receives an office write up that results in ISS or OSS, they will automatically lose the enrichment session for that week. An ISS consequence will result in the loss of 15 points and an OSS consequence will result in the loss of 25 points. If student receives an office referral that results in a lesser consequence than ISS and OSS, the student will lose 5 points. Two or more ISS referrals or 1 or more OSS referrals will also result in the loss of the Chief Award at the Chief Council Ceremony at the end of each semester.   Students will be given a conduct grade based on the points they still have at the end of the 9 weeks. At the end of each semester, A Chief Council Ceremony (CCC) will be held during 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade CAMP time. Parents and family are welcome to attend and the CCC will be held in the gym. Students must earn at least 80 points in each 9 week period of the semester to be eligible for the Tribal Code award called the Chief Award. Students that maintain a 100 average for the semester will receive the Chief Citizen Award. Any student that maintains a 100 average for the year will receive the Chief Citizen Award and be entered into a drawing for a great prize at the end of the year. Also, refer to the field trip policy to understand the role behavior plays in field trip attendance. All homeroom teachers will send home the Smoke Signal newsletter each week to keep you updated on his/her progress. Please expect these reports each Monday and return them signed as quickly as possible.