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Parent Faculty Organization

9 months ago

PFO Officers

President: Tracy VonScherr

Vice President:Catherine Hood

Secretary: Veronica Best

Treasurer: Donna Blount

You can contact us:


Help Support our children and staff at Blackburn Elementary School.



Q: What is the purpose of PFO?

A: The purpose of the Blackburn PFO is to support a sense of community among the students, faculty and parents of BES. We also aid the students by providing support for their educational and recreational needs. PFO also tries to enhance the school programs through monetary support and volunteer efforts. Our team is made entirely of volunteers.

Q: How can I help?

A: You can help by joining the PFO and paying the membership fee. Your membership fee stays here at Blackburn and will directly help our students at BES. You can participate with our fundraisers when possible.


Q: What if I can’t help financially?

A: If you are not able to help financially, you can donate your time. Time is very valuable and since the PFO is all volunteer work we can always use some help. Just let us know how to get in touch with you. When we have an activity for volunteers, we will contact you and see if you are available.


Q: What do I get by joining PFO?

A: Your membership is a show of support and it entitles you to vote in the PFO Board election in the spring. You also get to select a free BES item from our PFO store.


Q: What are some activities that PFO does?

A: Fundraisers such as: Box Tops, Fall Festival, Restaurant Nights, Art to Remember, Hat Day, Valentine’s Day Sale, and Spirit Merchandise. Other activities include: Bear Jamboree, D.A.R.E graduation celebration for 5th graders, and we support individual classrooms.




* Hat Day is the last Friday of each month. Bring $0.50 and you get to wear your hat.

* Zaxby’s School Spirit Night is the last Thursday of each month (unless we are out of school).

* We have nightly PFO meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month (unless we are out of school that day). We will not have a meeting in the months of January and April.  The first meeting is September 17, 2015.



We look forward to getting to know and working with the parents and faculty of BES. Let’s support our students and faculty to make 2015-2016 a great school year!


Getting Ready for Kindergarten

over 2 years ago

Getting Ready For Kindergarten

As a parent, you play the most important role in getting your child off to a good start in kindergarten. The following are things your child should be familiar with before entering kindergarten. Remember that children love to learn and they learn best through "hands-on" activities and participation.

For safety, children should learn:

  • their full name, address, and phone number
  • the name of their school
  • full name and place of work of parents or guardians
  • how to contact available, safe adults in case of emergency
  • which bus they will ride to and from school or who will pick them up from school

To support health/nutrition children should:

  • wash hands before and after meals, after using the toilet, and as often as needed
  • cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing (use arm, not hand)
  • make healthy food choices from the basic food groups

To learn responsibility, children can:

  • dress and undress without assistance
  • put on shoes and tie shoes
  • take care of things and put them away
  • share belongings
  • share in home chores and responsibilities

To prepare for school, children can:

  • play with other children in their own age group
  • use crayons, pencils, scissors, markers, and glue
  • follow the rules and directions that you give
  • sit and listen to a story

Specific academic skills children should know when they enter kindergarten:

  • your child should be able to hold a pencil and scissors correctly
  • your child should be able to count to 10
  • your child should know the basic colors - red, blue, green, yellow, black, brown, orange, purple
  • your child should be familiar with the alphabet
  • your child should be able to distinguish between numerals and letters
  • your child should be able to write their first name (first letter capitalized, all other letters lower case)

Things You Can Do At Home

  • Help your child make choices at home (clothes to wear, activities to do...)
  • Provides opportunities for your child to be with other children, to learn to share, wait, and take turns.
  • Provide new situations for your child (go to the library, store, community activities). Talk to your child about what to expect beforehand.
  • Let your child practice putting on clothes independently.
  • Encourage your child to use language to make their needs known and to solve problems (getting a drink, going to the bathroom, asking for help).
  • Involve your child in writing (drawing, making cards, stories, letters). Celebrate your child's attempts to write.
  • Talk about your child's name and the letters in their name.
  • Tell stories and say poems and rhymes in your own language.
  • Read to your child and talk about pictures, ideas, words, and letters.
  • Point out words, numbers, and signs in your home and in the community.
  • Talk with your child about the things they see or hear on walks, trips, and on tv.
  • Involve your child in sorting activities with toys, clothes, food.
  • Talk about shapes and patterns that they see in your home. (circle, triangle, square, diamond, oval, rectangle)
  • Encourage your child's use of imagination through drawing, building things, acting out stories.
  • Provide time for your child to exercise and develop large muscles (running, climbing, playing with balls, riding a bike, swimming).
  • Provide time for your child to develop small muscles by using crayons, pencils, play dough, picking up and sorting small objects.


Ways to Help

over 2 years ago

   The CUB CLUB is YOUR opportunity to show you Care Understand and Believe in our children. CUB Club helps you give back to your community by helping students who are struggling academically.

    CUB Club members volunteer their time to work with students who need extra help with basic reading and/or math skills.

   CUB Club members can volunteer any time during the school day. No matter when you are able to visit with us, we can match you up with students who need help while you are here. Even if you have some unexpected free time, we would love to have you! Volunteers can also help in the library any day or time during the school day.

     A CUB Club member is a vital tool that BES uses to provide our students the help and extra support they need to be successful at school and beyond.     If you are interested in helping out at Blackburn, but you are not sure the CUB Club is the best fit for you, please know you have other options! Talk to your child’s teacher about how you can help out with classroom needs.  The BES Parent/Faculty Organization also has many opportunities available for parents, and they would love to have your help!