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Mission and FAQ

over 2 years ago

Welcome to the Blackburn Elementary School Media Center!
Our mission

To support the school's curriculum, assist students in becoming effective users of information and to foster the love of reading
Our methods                              

  • providing access to learning resources in a variety of formats
  • teaching skills necessary to locate, evaluate and use resources
  • collaborating with other educators to design learning strategies that support the curriculum
  • supporting reading initiatives and stimulating an interest in reading

Frequently Asked Questions


7:30 am - 3:30 pm

(AR quizzing available 8:00 am - 2:50 pm)


45 Blackburn Rd, Dawsonville, GA 30528

Checkout Policies:

Students in Kindergarten may check out 1 book to keep in their classroom. Students in 1st grade may check out one book to take home. Students in grades 2-5 may check out 2 books at a time or 1 book and one magazine (back issues only). The checkout period is 2 weeks. We recommend one AR book and one "fun" book or class assignment book. During special class projects (such as science fair) students may take out up to two additional books. Students with overdue items may not check out anything until arrangements have been made to pay off the item(s) or the items have been returned.


Story times, reference classes, library skill activities, small group activities, computer use, book fairs, AR stores, and other activities/programs as needed.


Scheduling Classes:

The school follows a 24 day schedule. The media center has a fixed schedule for 3rd through 5th grade on days 7 through 12, and a fixed schedule for Kindergarten through 2nd grade on days 13 through 18. All other days are flexibly scheduled. A link for the upcoming week's schedule is emailed to teachers on each preceding Wednesday. Subject matter and activities are determined by collaboration between the media specialist and classroom teachers. The level of collaboration varies according to the type and level of activity.

Laminating Policy:

Teachers may bring items to be laminated at any time. Items should be left on the laminating cart with a sticky note identifying the teacher. Items left before noon will be laminated that day if at all possible.

Requesting materials:

Teachers may request books/materials on a specific topic to be gathered. These materials will be checked out and placed on the back counter. Teachers may pick up the materials at any time. Any materials not desired should be placed in the book drop. Requests may be made by email, in person, or by sending a note with a student. Students should not be sent with only a verbal message. 



Butcher paper, diecuts, magazines, book covers, reproducible materials, staplers, a book binder, paper cutters, large ink markers, hole punchers, decorative scissors, and a videotape rewinder are available in the workroom for teacher use. Students are not allowed in the room alone. Items taken should be checked out. If sending a student for paper, please specify length and color.