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Kindergarten Field Trip to Town Square

over 2 years ago

On November 4th Kindergarten took a field trip to the Dahlonega Town Square. 

Below are a some thoughts from a few students about their trip.



1st Grade Field Trip to Hillcrest Orchard

over 2 years ago

On October 22nd 1st Grade took a field trip to Hillcrest Orchard. 

Below are a few thoughts from someof the students about their trip.

3rd Grade Field Trip to Jaemor Farms

over 2 years ago

On October 6th, 3rd Grade went on a field trip to Jaemor Farms. 

Below are a few observations about the trip from some of the students.


I larnd that the corn maze was about four football fills and we all larnd how they made hony. It tast yucke for me but others liked it. We all saw three kinds of pumpkins.



I love Jaemor Farms. Jaemor Farms grows 1,000 apples. They grow diffrint kind of pumkens. They have a big bee hive. We got to go in it. So that was me writing about Jaemor.



At Jamor we did a lot of cool thang’s. We wint on a hay ride and we larnd about houney bees. Did you now that girl honey bees do all of the wark? We also wint in a corn maze. It was a lot of fun. I want to go agen.



What I learned at Jaemor farm is that there is a lots of diffent pumpkins. I also learned how they make there apples before they sell them. Then I learned that there is a lots of diffent apples too.



When I went Jaemor Farms I lernd a lot. I lernd about bees, coten ,strowbares, pumpkins, apples, and peches. My faveret part was the corn mase and we almost got lost. The hay ride was kind of like a tour of Jaemor.