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Who We Are

over 2 years ago

 Mission Statement

The mission of Blackburn Elementary School is to prepare our students to meet life's challenges and opportunities by providing a solid foundation on which to build educational and personal success.

Our Story

Blackburn Elementary School opened September 2002 as the third elementary school in Lumpkin County. We have approximately 750 students enrolled with 100 faculty and staff members.  We are very proud of the accomplishments of our students and our designation as a Title I Distinguished School for the past 5 consecutive years. 

Believing that all children can learn, the staff of Blackburn has accepted the challenge of helping each student reach his full potential. Our plans include effectively reaching and teaching all students including those who qualify for EIP, ESOL, EXCEL, or Special Education.

The Blackburn Parent Faculty Organization and School Council represent an energetic group of stakeholders who are a positive force in making the school be the best that it can be. Both groups eagerly provide support for each initiative that is put before them. With their leadership and support we are building a learning environment second to none.

The entire Blackburn Elementary family is committed to making each day a meaningful educational experience that will help each child see the value of their education as we plan for a productive and fulfilling future in Lumpkin County.

 Our Future

What follows is a picture in words of the school that the committed stakeholders of Blackburn Elementary expect to see five years from now.

As you walk down the beautiful, child-centered halls of Blackburn Elementary School, you see and hear happy children and adults who are actively engaged in learning focused classrooms. All children are on, or above, grade level and eagerly seeking more knowledge through cooperative learning and independent studies utilizing computers and the many volumes of books in the media center, the hub of our school.

Blackburn Park (immediately adjacent to our school) is an extension of the school as children learn about the past and explore the future in the many outdoor classroom environments. The high expectations of community members, parents and staff are exemplified inside and outside the school as they dedicate their time and expertise to broaden each child's educational experience.

The children are applying the knowledge they have gained through meaningful projects that fill their portfolios and journals as all members of the team work toward common, focused, educational goals. They are eager to share their ideas and feel confident when expressing their thoughts, opinions, and dreams with others. The level of respect for themselves and others is easy to see in the way they dress, walk, talk, and interact with children and adults alike.

Blackburn Elementary is an environment where all members of the family are life-long learners: students, staff and community. All members of the Blackburn family assume responsibility for learning. During evenings and summers, you will continue to find adults and children engaged in active learning that has allowed them to reach individual goals thus improving the quality of life for all. Blackburn Elementary School has truly become a center for learning and positive growth in an ever-changing community